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BBC TV Feature

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"Nikki Emmerton's Book, Under The Lime Tree.cook! contains mouth-watering and nutrition-boosting recipes inspired by the authors own organic garden.

Recipes are creative but easy to assemble so perfect for entertaining guests.... Vegan recipes are clearly labelled and the author's friendly advice makes this book a delight to read and cook from"


Veggie Masterclass with Nikki

UTLT ~ The Mindful Place to B & Be!™

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Want to reduce your meat intake but still get your protein?
Want to cook more veggie food but don’t know how to?
Want to leap into vegan territory but don’t know where to start?

Nikki UTLT Vegetarian Bed and Breakfast
Buy a copy on Amazon

Nikki UTLT Vegetarian Bed and Breakfast
Buy a copy on Amazon

Or Contact Me for a signed and dedicated copy of my recipe book(s).


Then join Nikki on a bespoke Veggie Masterclass and learn how simple it is to create balanced meals packed with flavour, bursting with colour and seriously satisfying!

Nikki is an experienced and accomplished freestyle vegetarian and vegan cook catering to local and international clients and by popular request, has recently written her recipes into 2 cook books.


From picking and preparing the veg... recipe planning... choosing and blending spices... cooking vegetarian or vegan... socialising and enjoying... to empty plate!!!


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All workshops are bespoke, so please Contact Nikki Now to arrange your special Veggie Masterclass Day or DiY Dinner.


Food for Thought

Based on cooking styles from around the world, we’ll take a look at the store-cupboard-staples necessary to provide a nutritious delicious veggie meal at any time. It’s not about spending loads of money on staples you might not need, but rather, keeping a stock of what you like and love. Getting to know your taste buds and learning to be versatile are key elements to cooking with love and style. Packed with tips and tricks and good-for-you-ingredients, joining Nikki for the day or the afternoon will lift your spirits and raise your standards, giving you the confidence to take your veggie cooking to the next level.

vegetarian and vegan cooking Cook vegetarian and vegan
vegetarian and vegan masterclass Cooking Masterclass at UTLT vegetarian and vegan

Veggie Masterclass ~ 90€ per person

Includes all tuition, tips and tricks, ingredients, lunch and a signed and dedicated copy of one of Nikki’s popular recipe books.

Starting at around 10am, we’ll get cracking straightaway by cooking up a constellation to share at lunchtime, enjoying the spoils of our hard work with a refreshing glass of wine. In the afternoon, we’ll carry on cooking and chatting (and clearing up!), so that by the end of the day you’ll have something to take home, finish off, and proudly share with your friends and family.

Please bring tins and tupperware for your take-away home experience!


Do - it - Yourself Dinner ~ 65€ per person

Includes all tuition, tips and tricks, ingredients and dinner.

Starting at around 3.30pm, we’ll organise what’s on the menu then discuss what needs to be done and in what order. Under my direction and instruction, we’ll spend the time cooking, chatting and clearing up! so that by around 8pm we’ll have our 3-course dinner ready and prepped, the kitchen cleared, the table made, and something scrumptious to sit down to and share with others. Cheers!

As well as coming to Under The Lime Tree to participate in one of the many workshops and courses on offer, do remember that if you are a specialist in your field and would like to take advantage of the facilities and beautiful setting at UTLT to run your workshop, course or retreat from here, please see our Venue Hire page and feel free to get in touch. We are always open to personal development events which stretch the mind, body and spirit!


"Thank you Nikki for a wonderful day and a fantastic cookery course. You are a brilliant host and have created a really welcoming location and atmosphere in which to teach & inspire. I have learnt such a lot in one day as well as having a relaxed and social day too. Thanks so much "


"Thank you Nikki for such a lovely day. I really enjoyed the freedom to learn in a relaxed atmosphere. Great recipe book and great food to take home! "


"Well, I’m back again and what you prepared for me yesterday Nikki was divine food. Fantastic, thank you!"



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